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Restriction Enzymes Lab Report | Endonuclease Digestion Report

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Restriction Enzymes Lab Report Writing helpOur writers who offer  restriction enzymes lab report help agree that the mechanism of action of restriction enzymes is really unique and interesting. According to our thorough research into this, we found out that once the restriction enzymes attach to DNA, the enzyme then slides along the double helix until it recognizes a specific sequence of base pairs, which then signals the enzyme to stop sliding. Thereafter, the enzyme digests the DNA at that site. At Custom writing bay, we are aware that if that specific site then occurs severally, in more than one location, the result is multiple fragments of DNA. Thus, each restriction enzyme recognizes a specific nucleotide sequence that is termed as a palindrome. The site that the DNA is cut is known as a restriction site. Writers who offer restriction enzymes lab report help at Custom writing bay understand that the restriction enzyme cutting produces two DNA fragments. The staggered termini produced are known as sticky ends and these can then reassociate with another through hydrogen bonding. The major advantages of use of restriction enzymes are that they only have one palindrome sequence hence will only cleave the desired sequence. Our restriction endonuclease digestion lab report professionals are in terms with the fact that each of the enzymes cuts in a predictable and consistent manner. Moreover, the restriction enzymes require only magnesium ion as a co-factor and thus, there is no need for ATP. The major types of restriction enzymes according to our restriction enzymes lab report help are EcoRI, HindIII, and PstII.  Thereafter, the DNA fragments that have been isolated are separated and visualized through the biochemical process of agarose gel electrophoresis. In our restriction endonuclease digestion lab report recognizes that smaller molecules of DNA move faster than others. The sizes of each fragment are determined by comparison with migration patterns with the DNA fragments of known size known as standards. In our restriction enzymes lab report help, we acknowledge that the major application of restriction enzymes is in gene cloning.


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Key Points in Lab Report Writing

  1. Use the passive voice in your report to avoid personal bias. The Lab Report should be as objective as possible.
  2. Your findings should be arranged in a logical and engaging way to create an interest to the scholar.
  3. The procedures and descriptions ought to be clarified for easy reproduction of the experiment and comparison.
  4. Always acknowledge the contribution of other scholars by citing and referencing the sources of your information.

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