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Coursework Writers for Hire Amylase enzymes are the enzymes responsible for hydrolysis of starch. There are numerous natural sources of amylase, mainly human saliva and pancreas, plant amylase from sweet potatoes and grains mainly, barley. Microorganisms namely bacteria and fungus also produce amylase. Our Writers at Custom Writing Bay who offer human and fungal amylase lab report understand well that the amylase enzymes are of various types, which digest the glycosidic bonds between each glucose molecule and digests starch from each end, cleaving every second bond to produce maltose. Our lab report writers are willing and able to offer you quality help anytime you need it.


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Fungi Lab Report Writing AidSalivary amylase is also known as ptyalin, as well as bacterial and fungal amylases are all amylases. In an experiment set up to come up with a human and fungal amylase lab report, it is important to note that salivary amylase is easy and safe to acquire, whereas fungal amylase is bought or can be acquired from starch hydrolyzing fungi in the soil. In the experiment, a potato is used as a source of starch.  At Custom Writing Bay, we offer top quality fungi lab report writing help. We understand that amylase from both sources helps to comprehend the difference in the mode of actions of the human and fungal enzymes in terms of temperature, pH, and enzyme concentration. At the end of the experiment, the human and fungal amylase lab report should capture the fact that the reaction between the starch and the amylase can be understood by checking for the disappearance of the blue/black starch-iodine complex. Moreover, the appearance of reducing sugars tested by carrying out Benedict's test.

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In the interpretation of the results, our writers understand that the blue color is an indication that there is starch present in the test time interval whereas, the appearance of the brown color indicates lack of starch present. Amylase enzyme is expected to consume the starch at a higher rate if the temperature is increased until 400C after which, the enzyme will be denatured and hence no breakdown of starch occurs. In generating a human and fungal amylase lab report, writers at Custom writing bay feel that one should identify the main reasons as to why a study of amylases is important. This may include their use in the industrial manufacture of high fructose corn syrup preparations. More so, in an effort to provide fungi lab report writing help, our writers understand that amylases are also used as additives to detergents for the removal of stains, saccharification of starch for use in alcohol production.