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The Professional Format of an AP Biology Laboratory Report

Some professors can provide you with a specific format that you can use to write your lab report. If you have not been given one, you can always ask your teacher or use the basic format of biology lab reports.

Title. You should start by writing a title that will inform the reader about the focus of your experiment. You should make it descriptive, relevant and concise. An ideal length of your biology lab report title should not exceed 10 words.

The introduction. The next section is the introduction where you have to write about the purpose of your biology experiment. You are also required to write the hypothesis as well as explain how you are intending to test it.

Methods and materials used. In this section, you have to write about the description of the materials as well as the methods that you used during the experiment. You can also go ahead and provide the specifics about when and how the methods and materials were used.

Results. This is the part that you have to present all the tabulated findings observed or recorded in your experiment. You might also be required to present them using charts, graphs or any other method or data presentation. You can provide a brief description of the charts or graphs below them. In case you observed some trends, you can write to them in this section.

Discussions and conclusion. This is where you have to summarize the whole experiment. You will also have to interpret and discuss your findings to the reader. You are also required to provide your conclusion of whether the hypothesis was correct or not and then provide the reasons for that.

Citations or References. All the sources of your discussions such as the lab manual, books, articles, and other publications should be included at the end of your biology lab report. You can use the required style.

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