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An Essay on Marketing Challenges Facing SMEs (This is a Business Essay Essay on Marketing Written Using Chicago: This report seeks to critically analyze how Gulfstream Cycle (GSC) and other similar organizations in terms of size i.e. SMEs should go about resolving a common problem affecting them i.e. lack of a marketing strategy. Maynard (2002) describes marketing as a process that involves planning, pricing, promoting, and distributing goods and services to meet customers' and organizational needs. The author concludes that GSC and other similar companies should not only rely on word of mouth or reputation to grow and maintain sales, but they should ensure that they have a marketing strategy in place. To ensure an effective marketing strategy, GSC should periodically evaluate the effectiveness of its marketing approach to highlight its strengths and weaknesses and in so doing find solutions to the latter. Hence no matter the popularity of a brand, marketing cannot be overlooked if the business wishes to grow further.)

A Business School Paper on Marketing Strategies by Dell in China (This is a Marketing Essay Written using APA: The essay describes PESTEL Analysis for Dell in China Market highlighting political, economic, socio-cultural, technology, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and the marketing mix for the urban consumer in China, marketing mix for the urban consumer in China.)