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Custom dissertation chapter one writing servicesCustom Writing Bay offers professional dissertation chapter 1 format help. The dissertation introduction structure differs from one school to another. Therefore, our writers advise clients to strictly follow the format or structure that is advocated for by the school in question. However, the content of the dissertation chapter will always remain the same. Dissertation chapter one format would ideally contain an introduction, background of the study, and the rationale of the study. The dissertation introduction structure should also outline the objectives of the study, the hypotheses, statement of the problem, scope, and delimitation, the importance of the study or the significance of the study as well as the definition of terms as used in the other chapters of the thesis. Writers at Custom Writing Bay have the interests of customers' at heart, where, in offering a dissertation introduction chapter format aid, we ensure that we produce top quality papers. At our site, writers offering help with dissertation chapter 1 format are highly qualified in their relevant fields of specialization. All of them hold not less than a Bachelors Degree qualification in their fields of specialization. Writers who offer dissertation introduction structure help must have sufficient experience for them to become part of our writing team.

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The introduction chapter is used by scholars to introduce their readers to the research gap that needs to be filled by their study. However, writing an original dissertation chapter 1 is not as easy as you may think. It requires more attention because readers will be much interested in it. You can choose to visit us and receive;

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The chapter of a dissertation should be informative and it should also meet the required standards. To enhance the uniqueness of your dissertation introduction chapter, you should receive quality dissertation writing help from reliable experts.

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The Layout of an Introduction Chapter of a Dissertation

The dissertation chapter one varies from one institution to the other. However, the following format can be used when writing a dissertation chapter 1

Background of the study

You should briefly introduce your topic from a broad perspective to the narrow perspective. This helps readers to familiarize themselves with what your dissertation topic is all about.

Statement of the problem

It should be clear and concise. You should provide a detailed explanation of the existing research gap and the exact problem that you will solve. The problem statement should also be ideal and valid.

Research objectives

Under the research objectives, you should highlight what your study will aim to achieve. The objectives of the study should be preceded by the word “To” and they should be linked with the hypothesis and research questions.

Purpose of the study

The reason why you are conducting your study should be indicated in this subsection. You can also include the main goals of your research as part of the purpose of your study. Scholars should include a paragraph that introduces the research questions or hypothesis.

Research questions/hypotheses

Depending on the institution, you can either use research questions or hypothesis when writing your dissertation. The research to be conducted should answer the questions posed. In a case where you use the null or alternative hypotheses, there should be a clear relationship between the dependent and independent variables.

The significance of the study

You should highlight in details the value that your study will add in the specific discipline. Scholars should indicate the contribution of their research to society with clarity.

Justification of the study

At this point, you should justify to the readers and donors why you are conducting your research. You should clearly show how people will benefit from your research when they adopt it.

Assumptions of the study

These are unexamined beliefs which are used to support the results and conclusions that will be made from the research done. They should be logical and grounded well to support your research effectively.

Limitations of the study

You should list the limitations that you cannot control including bad weather and low-response from the respondents. In case there are limitations that may play a role in influencing the results, they should be highlighted in this section.

Conceptual framework

Scholars should show the model in which their research will be based. You should also include a diagrammatical representation to support your conceptual framework.

Definition of terms

You should define technical terms that you feel that the readers may encounter problems when they come across them. The terms that you define should be directly related to your study.

Organization of study

You should briefly highlight how the entire study and its chapters will be organized throughout the research.

Best Way to Write a Dissertation Introduction Chapter

When scholars have been requested by tutors to write chapter one of their dissertations, they are always on a dilemma on the format to adopt. Different experts have developed different structures for writing the introductory chapter of a dissertation. Regardless of the format used in writing a dissertation chapter, the contents of a dissertation chapter should be written accurately and coherently. The best dissertation chapter 1 format should be unique in the presentation of the main contents of the introduction chapter. The following are the characteristics of a good chapter 1 format;

• It should be detailed and presentable

• It should be useful in the delivery of information

• It conforms to the institutional standards

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