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Dissertation Project Chapter One Layout - Outline

The introductory section of a dissertation usually forms the dissertation chapter one. When you use the following structure, you will realize a quality dissertation.

Background/introduction of the study

You should explain in detail the history and the recent information concerning your study. Through the background study, you can win or lose the readers' attitude towards your work.

Problem statement

Scholars should concisely show the issues they will address in the problem statement. It should answer the questions why, where, who, when and who will conduct the research.

Research objectives

They should show what the research is expected to achieve at the end. The objectives are classified into;

• Broad objectives

• Specific objectives


The hypothesis acts as the base of the research. A well-written hypothesis should be clear to the readers of your work. It is also important to note that many institutions prefer students to use the null hypothesis.

Purpose of the study

Here, you should show in detail what you will investigate in your study. Having in mind that readers can use the purpose of the study to criticize your work, you should write it coherently and concisely.

Justification of the study

You should persuade readers why your dissertation project is viable and worth to be read by people. If you fail to justify your study, nobody will waste his or her time reading your work.

Assumptions of the study

You should list the assumptions one after the other. Scholars can use numbers to document the assumptions that they believe will influence their study.

Limitations of the study

When doing the actual research, some issues are beyond human control. You should write to them to notify your readers what might contribute to the variances in the final results.

Conceptual framework

You should use a theory that was developed by someone else to support your research. It is good to include the actual theory in a diagrammatical form to make it easier for readers to understand it.

Definition of terms

Scholars should not define the operational definitions in this section. You should define the terms that are related to your topic.

Organization of the study

You should prepare the minds of readers on how you will organize your work.

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Dissertation Writing ServicesThe first chapter in an academic document must be a complete and empirical argument as it drives the rest of the document. dissertation chapter 1 has the following components: Introduction, Background to the study, Statement of the Problem, Research Objectives, Significance of the research, Research Questions, Research Assumptions, Scope and Limitations of the Study and Definition of Terms. The first chapter of a dissertation should be clearly written as it will tell whether the scholar is conversant with the research process or not. It should also be supported by relevant sources to the study.