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DNA Isolation | DNA Structure & Function Experiment Report

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DNA Lab Report Writing assistanceA complete copy of deoxyribonucleic acid is found in all cells both human and microorganisms. At Custom Writing Bay, we are a group of skilled DNA structure and function experiment lab report writers dedicated to providing you with credible and up to standard laboratory work. Our laboratory report writers are well versed in the process and procedures involved in the DNA isolation process. At our firm, we understand that for deoxyribonucleic acid to be isolated, scientists must first break open the cells and remove structural proteins and enzymes that may interfere with the DNA structure. In eukaryotes, the deoxyribonucleic acid is contained in the membrane wrapped nucleus whereas in prokaryotes the deoxyribonucleic acid is found floating free in the cytoplasm. In a learning institution, you will find different learning departments whereby scholar’s involvement is highly required in order to gain knowledge. When we talk of science-related courses as an example, you will find scholars visiting the laboratories once in a while to put into practice what they have been learning in classes. Doing an experiment is not enough for the professor to award you high grades, therefore quality and a well-written laboratory report on DNA Structure & function is required. You may be a scholar learning about DNA experimenting, a practice that’s mainly done to detect genetic diseases, analyzing forensic proof, and at times cancerous genes in related persons.

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Qualities of a Good DNA Isolation Experiment Report?

Human development is very interesting, and everyone would want to understand how life comes to be. From the conception stage, life matters a lot. Many people can tell their relatives through their looks, but there is a more reliable way of telling whether you are related to a person. DNA isolation is one of the best ways of determining whether the people you live with are related to you, but this is a process that requires exceptional skills. If you are a student pursuing a science-related course, doing experiments on the DNA structure and function is not uncommon.

Your DNA isolation experiment report should be correct & accurate: You are writing an experimental report to explain to the instructor about the proceedings of your experiment, so ensure that your report is properly written.

A DNA structure & function experiment report has to be grammatically correct: If you want to communicate effectively, ensure that your lab report fits in terms of grammar. You should write a professional report that has the required writing style & design.

A great DNA isolation laboratory report should be readable & clarified: You should write a report that’s easy to understand, as you should ensure that it’s clear and easy to read. Do not use intricate language that the reader can find complex.

A laboratory experiment report should not have ambiguous information: You should ensure that your report has the right information, to ensure that you present the on-goings of your experiment effectively. Do not include irrelevant information in your report. Need quick assistance to write a DNA structure & function experiment report? You can trust us to assist you.

Doing a DNA isolation experiment could be hard, but a much harder task is writing a report on the same. It is paramount to write a great DNA isolation experiment report, which could be quite hard for you due to fatigue. You have been in a laboratory doing your DNA isolation experiment, so, being tired and overwhelmed is possible. Do not make the mistake of writing your report while under pressure, as you may make unintentional mistakes.

Lab Experiment Outline on DNA Isolation, Structure-Function


Role of the Experiment

The role is to isolate DNA from Onion cells to facilitate the study of its structure and functionality.


The cells were first broken off. In the experiment, 20-30 grams of yellow onion is placed in a mortar and 20g of acid-washed sand added. These are ground vigorously with a pestle for five minutes. A yellow mush forms into 100ml of distilled water heated to 60o 10ml of NaCl and 10ml of detergent are added. The ground onion was added to 10ml of the saline-detergent solution and stirred to dissolve for 5 minutes ensuring that the temperature was maintained at 60o. The suspension was then decanted then filtered leaving cellular debris and sand behind. The solution was then cooled to room temperature. Twice the volume of cold absolute ethanol was added to the viscous solution that contained deoxyribonucleic acid. Care is taken so that the alcohol flows to the side of the beaker settling on the aqueous solution and forms a layer. A flame sterilized glass rod is then inserted gently into the solution and rotated clockwise once. Rotation spools all the deoxyribonucleic acid onto the glass rod and it is then transferred to a test tube containing 95% ethanol. The rod and spooled deoxyribonucleic acid are then dried with a clean filter paper and observed. The DNA strand was probed via the use of diphenylamine which gives a blue color when in contact with deoxyribose.


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DNA Isolation Lab Report Writing AssistanceOur biology lab experiment report writers are aware that this is the reason why most of the isolation experiments choose prokaryotes as a source of DNA. In offering help with writing experimental lab reports on DNA isolation, our writers are familiar with the various reagents that are used in DNA isolation and the roles they play. These are the major ingredients used in deoxyribonucleic acid extraction namely, non-iodized table salt, dishwashing detergent, and ice-cold ethanol in a test tube. Soap and salt are useful in the disruption of the cell wall and membranes and hence the disentanglement of the DNA. Writers at Custom Writing Bay know that heat also serves to speed up the reaction. The use of enzymes such as papain is important as they serve to breakdown DNase the enzyme that breaks down deoxyribonucleic acid. Cold ethanol precipitates the DNA making it spoilable. Our help with writing a lab report on DNA structure & function is familiar with the protocol that is supposed to be followed when writing up a good laboratory report. This includes the various subdivisions in a laboratory report, such as the introduction where a hypothesis or a principle that is already in existence is to be investigated, the abstract, materials, and procedures followed in the experiment, then the results section that caters for the data of the experiment represented in tables and graphs. At our firm, our lab report writers finalize a laboratory report with a conclusion which discusses whether the experiment was a success or not based on the hypothesis that was set. In our biology lab report writing help, we have identified the isolation of deoxyribonucleic acid as one of the basic procedures in molecular biology studies, making us the site to visit for all your DNA isolation lab report writing services.