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 Professional Guidelines for Writing an Enzyme Lab Report

Performing an experiment is one task and writing a lab report is another complicated task. You must study the outline of a lab report before you embark on writing a quality enzyme lab report. The following writing tips can help you write a credible enzyme lab report;

Develop a professional cover page for the lab report

The cover page is ignored by many scholars but it is essential. This is just because it is the first thing that your tutor will look at hence you must write it well. A cover page should have the title of the experiment, student’s name, supervisors name and the date of submission. We have experts who will provide top-quality enzyme lab report writing aid when you contact them.

Provide a detailed abstract and introduction

Sometimes, tutors do not have adequate time to look at the whole lab report. They find themselves looking at the abstract and introduction to judge the whole lab report. A good abstract act as the summary of the entire lab report hence it should be written with clarity. The introduction should introduce the topic to the reader clearly and concisely.

Present your results using tables and graphs

You must present your results in a way that readers will understand without challenges. Many learning institutions prefer their scholars to use tables and graphs. At the end of each table and graph, you should provide a detailed explanation of the results presented in the graph.

The inclusion of citations that are relevant to the lab experiment

Many scholars may think that a lab report should not have references. This is not true because your tutor expects you to make valid citations. Make an effort of contacting experts from Custom Writing Bay when you need trustworthy assistance with writing an enzyme lab report, and your problems will be brought to an end.

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Scholars must commit themselves to perform experiments if they are aiming to succeed at the end of their academic lives. Enzyme & temperature experiment is one of the most common experiments for scholars who undertake studies in biological sciences. The experiment tends to demonstrate how an enzyme reaction is affected by a decrease and increase in temperature.  Do you need someone to do an enzyme & temperature experiment for you? Hire a competent expert to do your experiment, and your results will be accurate. The following are the conclusions that are obtained after performing a successful enzyme & temperature experiment;

• An increase in temperature increases enzyme reaction

• A decrease in temperature reduces enzyme reaction

• Extreme temperatures denature enzymes

To boost your chances of achieving the expected results, you can look for professional enzyme & temperature experiment help from highly trained experts.

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The General role of the experiment:

This experiment is aimed at relating the effects of heat on enzyme activity. 


Hydrogen peroxide solution (3%) and an assortment of living tissue, such as sliced raw potato, ground meat, liver, yeast cells, and another assortment of non-living material mainly a piece of baked potato and cooked liver to act as control are used. Each labeled test tube was filled with 1/3 full with fresh hydrogen peroxide, and the material to be tested added. Observation of the production of bubbles was made.


Any fresh living cell or material will have enough catalyze present to produce bubbles of gas. The bubbling indicates the production of oxygen gas upon exposure to the hydrogen peroxide. The baked potato and cooked liver are dead hence have no catalyze present and thus no bubbling occurs.

Learning Outcome:

The enzyme catalyzes occurs naturally in all living matter and when cooked (heated), the enzyme becomes denatured by heat rendering it inactive as indicated by the lack of bubbling in the presence of hydrogen peroxide.

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