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biology lab report writing helpThe cell is the basic unit of life and all organisms are either made of numerous cells or are single-celled. In offering molecular biology lab report writing help, we are familiar with how the cell carries out the intricate functions necessary for life. The cell is dynamic in nature, characterized by its capacity to grow, reproduce, become specialized and its ability to respond to stimuli and changes in the environment. We are aware that the cell, its properties, components, and characteristics are the basis of molecular biology. At Custom writing bay, the structure of a laboratory report is taken into consideration. The various segments are that includes the title which covers the subject of the experiment, the abstract which is a summary of the results are drafted concisely as possible. The DNA electrophoresis, restriction mapping experiments are our area of expertise. In this, the introduction part explains the objectives of the experiment, importance as well as background as to why the experiment was performed. Materials and methods as well should be indicated and the results of the experiment analyzed. The discussion should be precise and focus on the details of the results. The conclusion is the final part and should be clear and concise as to whether the experiment was a success or not. After your lab research, you are probably going to have to write a report. Most of the time scholars do not know how to go about drafting a lab report. If you have found yourself in such a situation just request “help write my molecular biology report” and we will assist. Our custom lab report writing service is ready to help scholars like you. We will assist you to finish your report using less time and effort. DNA electrophoresis and mapping tests can be a lengthy procedure. Once you have understood how to conduct a quality DNA electrophoresis and mapping tests, it will then be easy to write your lab reports. We are what you need to simply get one step ahead.


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legit lab report writing helpIn offering molecular biology lab report writing helpwe recognize the cells as the main sources of DNA and isolation of DNA with an aim of understanding its structure and function. Our writers who offer molecular biology lab report writing help are aware that for DNA to be isolated from the cells mostly, prokaryotic cells, it requires the use of the biochemical process of gel electrophoresis. This process entails separating DNA strands based on their electric charge and molecular size, where the DNA is visualized by use of dyes that bind to the DNA and then compared against known standards. DNA electrophoresis, restriction mapping experiments thereafter acquire the DNA of interest and incorporate it into the gene of a vector ensuring that the gene of interest is acquired in large quantities. Our molecular biology lab report writing help entails the use of various techniques that are combined in the analysis of DNA namely restriction, ligation, gene cloning, PCR, spectrophotometry among others.

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We are dedicated to empowering you to write professional molecular biology reports that will score your excellent grades. We look forward to giving you our full support ranging from advising you on the recommended reference sources. Carrying out a standard DNA electrophoresis and mapping test can be challenging hence you need to understand the background towards the procedure and more so how to run a quick test in the lab. We are dedicated to seeing you write quality lab reports. To conduct a certified DNA electrophoresis and mapping test and draw conclusions from it, one has to be keen and maintain all necessary procedures. Our writers are highly qualified and will help you make your work easier. We work on a 24/7 basis to ensure that our clients are offered with credible services that are 100% satisfactory. We offer free revision services at any time you feel that you are not satisfied with the services offered to you. Let us assist you in perfecting your writing skills. Our desire is to see you write quality lab reports with confidence and ease.

Introduction to Molecular Genetics

Role of the Experiment



In this experiment, the colonies of Streptococcus pneumoniae both R and S were acquired. The S cells were killed by heat and thereafter mice to be used in the experiment were grown. In the first mouse, living S colonies were injected; the second mouse lives R colonies were injected. In the third mouse, the heat treated S cells were inoculated. The fourth mouse, living R colonies as well as heat treated S cells were inoculated. Bacteria isolated from the blood samples of each of these mice were cultured and the colonies that were formed observed.


Mice injected with living S cells get pneumonia, while those that are injected with the living R cells or heat treated S cells remain healthy. The mice injected with a mixture of living R cells and heat treated S cells contract the disease and die of pneumonia. Bacteria isolated from the blood samples indicate that the dead mice produced S cultures with a capsule similar to that of the injected S cells, even though the injected S cells had been killed by exposure to heat. 

Learning Outcome

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