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The film “Bicycle Thief” is an Italian neo-realistic, black and white movie directed by Vittorio De Sica. The film clearly depicts what lengths people are willing to go to in the process of handling problems in their everyday life, more particularly, societal and financial problems. The theme of the movie is abject poverty that most people found themselves in after World War II and the extent they were willing to go, in order to improve their lives. Vittorio clearly explains how people had to relinquish whatever they could for them to survive and how though, there was so much material wealth, there were very few jobs. He also displays how, though fictional the setting and the society the characters were in, was existent of endless problems during the post-war period. The film revolves around Antonio Ricci who after World War II finds himself unemployed for close to two years. In his search of a job, an opportunity whose sole requirement was to own a bicycle presents itself. However, despite not having owned one, he takes the job. The job requires him to put up posters across the streets of Rome. Finding a job is real trouble, which leads to Antonio’s wife (Maria) trading in their white linens for a bicycle that they had previously pawned in the same shop.  This, in reality, shows how poverty and social classes influenced poor people's decision making. The setting, which is a postwar Rome also explains the actions and decisions the characters made. For instance, in the pawn shop, the owner stacks Antonio’s linen in a large room which is almost filled with similar linens. This indicates how despite the abject poverty amongst the majority, some people had giant possessions of resources. In the beginning, Antonio is illustrated as an honest family man who in no way engage in criminal activities, despite being unemployed for a long time. On his first day to work, he joyously rides with Bruno (his son) listening to music. The numerous long takes give the impression of a contented society. Later, and sadly, Antonio’s bicycle, which is his only means of providing his family with a dignified life is stolen on his first day to work. Antonio and his young son search in the streets for the bicycle where they encounter many indignities. He reports the theft to bureaucratic police officers who brush him off. In their search, the viewer is lead through the scenery of post-war Rome. In their search, Antonio and his son went to two marketplaces where they bumped into the thief in one of the marketplaces. In the process, they encountered an old man who swears that he knows nothing about the thief although they had been seen talking to each other. Later, they went to the thief’s house, sought advice from a fortune teller, where they ended up in a football field. The narrative flows naturally and realistically as episodes follow each other exclusive of influence from one another. Most of the transitions between incidents are visually discrete with a wipe or a fade marking them, which accentuate the sectioning of the narrative, for example, Antonio does not opt to go church but is led by the old man who they follow there. Antonio’s walk through the city actualizes some of the possibility of the storyline; Antonio and Bruno have little influence over the direction of the story. By incorporating non-actors and filming on location, Vittorio gives the film a more realistic approach. In one scene they find themselves in a football field where there are many bicycles parked in alley Antonio forfeits his role as a viewer character and acts on his own inventiveness. In his desperation to go back to work, Antonio decides to steal one of the bicycles and nearly clashes when the owner raises an alarm. He is chased by angry neighbors who quickly capture him. He is, of course, branded a bicycle thief and a low life, a situation that humiliates him so much he is speechless. In all his honesty and hard work, desperation forced him to play against the rules. In a different scene when Alfredo (the bicycle thief) is taken to his house and the parents and neighbors protest that he is a good boy he plays, very innocent, very dynamic quality of this character. None of the characters is exhibited as a scoundrel or a good guy but rather their measures are dictated by the situations they find themselves. You can rely on our movie review writing services because;

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movie review helpThe cinematography stresses on the perceptive narrative role played by Antonio and his son there is the use of false continuity, an example of an irrational cut and false continuity is when Antonio is diverted by some church officials and loses the old man, these series from the time he loses sight of the old man to the moment Antonio and Bruno walk to a bridge, the camera movement is articulated via speedy cuts and concise shots which emphasize the desperation of the moment. In one moment Antonio and his son are pushing through the crowds of people in the church and in a flash they are shown leaving the courtyard and as a replacement for the previous camera position, Antonio and Bruno are shown standing in front of a door. The neo-realistic style used in this movie is well illustrated when Antonio and Bruno enter a hotel and sit next to a rich family, the camera captures the rich girl from an angle pointing upwards as Bruno looks at her, an illustration of social perception that typifies neo-realist films. A close-up shot of Antonio suggests he wishes he could afford such a life for his family which is affirmed by his loud fantasies of how he will make much money from his job so long as he gets his bicycle back. Towards the end of the movie, it captures on our better nature as father and son walk away hand in hand crying a sign of their bond in the tangential details of the war-torn building that Vittorio displays vividly. The movie is such a classic that people of all ages can relate to, Vittorio exhibits how family unit though neglected is the ultimate solution to our everyday hurdles. When the crowd manhandles Antonio and frog march him towards the police station, the mere gesture of his son running to him softens their hearts and they let them walk away. What makes a movie or a film interesting is how well its content has been prepared, reviewed and analyzed. We have from time to time been receiving requests such as “help me with writing an analysis on a bicycle thief movie,” from individuals creating movies on a story about a job vacancy only given to the people with bicycles. The main reason as to why you would require professional help is because you are supposed to tell of how the bicycle was stolen in your own version. The analysis of a film or a movie about the theft of a bicycle is something that many people could be doing, and to ensure that you have produced quality and professional work you need to link with professional experts. This is where our services come in, since hiring an online expert that can review a film about a thief at our firm is very possible. We are a website that has the awareness that clients come with different requirements, and as such we have always hired experts across various fields of study. This means that when you feel ‘I need help with the analysis of my movie on bicycle thieves,” contacting us guarantees you the best. When you send an email, live chat with or make a call, you directly access our website where you will get the chance to work with professional experts. We guide on how to review a movie about a thief that stole a bicycle, something that we do while ensuring professionalism, credibility, and satisfaction. At Custom Writing Bay, our services are not only guaranteed of quality but also punctuality and affordability. This means that if require reliable help to review a film on the method used to steal bicycles, we shall provide you with the best services that come on time. We do not subject you to unnecessary delays, something that comes with the assurance of affordable prices. You are our much-esteemed client, therefore whenever you need the best bicycle thieves’ film reviewing services you can count on us for quality services. Our services should be your very first choice, bearing in mind that our main priority is the satisfaction of our clients.