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Hire expert PCR Lab report writersDevelopment of polymerase chain reaction as a tool of molecular biology has been improving since 1985. Writers at Custom Writing Bay understand that PCR demonstrates its power to amplify very small amounts of template nucleic acid as well as to amplify different nucleic acids namely DNA and RNA. The major drawback of PCR is that it is highly susceptible to contamination from its own products. At our firmwriters who offer help with PCR lab reports writing are well versed in the process of PCR. First, human genomic DNA suitable for PCR analysis is obtained from mainly buccal(cheek) cells because their collection is rapid, non-invasive, painless as well as bloodless. Our scientific lab report writers are aware that the cell lysate obtained in boiling cheek cells is extremely crude and contains target DNA as well as other molecules that inhibit the activity of the Taq DNA polymerase. Chelex, a negatively charged resin is employed to bind positively-charged metal ions present in the cell lysate. The metal ions are known to be inhibitors of the Taq DNA polymerase. If you are writing a lab report that is challenging, don’t hesitate to send a request to our firm with “write a science lab report for me” and a professional will definitely assist.

  • Ensure that your report is complete and well organized by following a clearly spelt out format by your institution.
  • The introduction of your lab report should have a  summary of the literature review and state how the experiment will add to the knowledge already in existence.
  • All the important parts of the methodology such as the instruments for measurement and techniques should be clearly stated.
  • The results should contain a summary of the data obtained from the experiment. The data collected should not be interpreted.

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Writing a lab report has never been a walk in the park for any student. That is because you have to think critically in order to interpret the results obtained with the literature that already exists. If you are a biology student, we can help you write exceptional PCR and gel electrophoresis lab reports.

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The DNA is attained with ethidium bromide for ease of visualization. We are aware that different alleles will appear as different bands with each band position indicating the size, where a smaller band moves a longer distance from the origin and a larger one moves a shorter distance. Anytime you search in the net “do my PCR laboratory report”, hundreds of firms that claim to offer professional academic writing services show up, but only a few of them are reliable. However, at custom writing bay, we deliver the best and professional academic writing services to scholars’ at all academic levels.

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Custom gel electrophoresis lab reports writing helpA sample of the supernatant, which contains chromosomal DNA is then combined with a buffered solution of heat-stable Taq polymerase, short oligonucleotide polymers, and the four deoxynucleotide building blocks of DNA and finally the cofactor MgCl2. The PCR mixture is then placed in a DNA thermal recycler and then taken through the 30 cycles. Our PCR and gel electrophoresis lab report entails identifying the various steps involved in PCR. In the first step, the mixture is exposed to heat for 1 minute at 94oC. In this step, the chromosomal DNA is denatured into single strands. The next step is a minute at 65oC, where after this step, the primers form hydrogen bonds to their complementary sequences on either side of the locus. The final step involves exposure to a temperature of 72oC for one minute, where Taq DNA polymerase extends a complementary DNA strand from each primer. Our professional writers are experienced and know exactly what is expected of you.  If you are a biochemistry scholar, you will have to study the polymerase chain reaction and gel electrophoresis. After studying them, you have to carry out experiments associated with them and write reports. If you are having difficulties with reporting an experiment in PCR or gel electrophoresis, you can reach out to us for lab report help. Without familiarity with the literature surrounding PCR and gel electrophoresis, you can struggle to write a good lab report after an experiment. You should not struggle to write a paper when you do not have the subject knowledge since we can help you.

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We have helped numerous scholars from all over the world who quest “do my lab report” and other academic writing services. Our writers hence understand what is expected when you request them to “write my PCR lab report”. With their professional assistance, you will submit quality and informative lab report that is easy to understand and appealing. Besides the provision of lab report writing help, we also provide other services such as research papers writing service, dissertation, thesis writing assistance among others. In any case, you need help to write a term paper, hire our qualified writers and they will assist you. After carrying out a complicated experiment you may find it hard to compile results into a sensible lab report that will score fine grades. In such cases, it is always prudent for a scholar to engage professional writers who can write a biology lab report.  We have established a custom writing bay where scholars who need help to write a PCR and gel electrophoresis lab report among other services such as dissertation writing help can obtain professional writing help. In case you run short of time or probably working on a tight deadline to submit your report and need professional help, we will gladly assist you. Gel electrophoresis is a method of separating a mixture of DNA, RNA or proteins based on their molecular size. PCR, on the other hand, is used to amplify a DNA sample to make more copies. These experiments are often complicated and so are the lab reports on them. We have experts that you can reach out to if you want experiment report writing assistance.