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Osmosis refers to the process by which molecules move from a region of high concentration to that of low concentration through a semi-permeable membrane. It is the process by which plant cells take up water, and hence is invaluable for plants survival.

General Role of the Experiment        

The role is to demonstrate the process of osmosis by use of potato cells.


The potatoes are acquired and cut into 3 equal pieces. There are 3 labeled test tubes, one tube containing distilled water, another containing 5% salt solution and the third one containing 10% salt solution. Each piece of potato will be placed into each of the labeled test tubes and left standing for a period of two hours. Thereafter, the potatoes will be removed from their respective solutions, observed and analyzed.


The potato that was placed in distilled water will seem more rigid, whereas the potatoes in the concentrated salt solutions will appear to be shrunk, wilted, and more flexible. This is because there is more salt and dissolved substances in the potato than the distilled water. As a result, the water will move into the potato cells making them rigid. In the 5% and 10% concentrated salt solution, however, the water contains more dissolved substances than the potato and thus water will move into the solution and the potato will be shrunk, wilted, and flexible. 10% shrinks more as it loses more water. The difference in concentration indicates higher shrinkage and wilting.

Learning Outcome

The potato is made up of living units known as cells. The cells need water to survive as well as carry out various metabolic functions. Uptake of water by these cells occurs through osmosis. In osmosis, water tends to move towards a higher concentration of dissolved chemicals or substances as indicated by wilting of the potato in salt solution and rigidity of the potato in distilled water.