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There is nothing more important than education, given that it provides people with the skills & knowledge required to command excellence. Unfortunately, not every person is privileged to enroll in a school of their choice due to financial constraints. Ironically, the people who get the best grades are mostly left out, due to lack of financial stability. This is a challenge that extends to economic growth, seeing that bright minds never get the chance to study and pave their way into the employment world. To curb this challenge, a scholarship system was introduced as a way of offering the less privileged a chance to get educated. This is not a guarantee that anyone can get it anyhow, given that many people need the scholarship, but only a few can get it. It is very easy to spot scholarship essay writing firms; however, finding the best among them is not easy. Fortunately for students, we are a very reliable source of professional essay writing help.

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Scholarship Essay


September 11th, 2001 was perhaps the lowest point of American diplomacy since the 1944 bombing of the American ships at Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. Four American airliners were hijacked by a little-known terrorist group; Al-Qaida and used as weapons to bring down the world trade center and Pentagon. Many lost their lives, while thousands were maimed by the occurrences of this day's events. We lost friends, neighbors as well as colleagues. America mourned. In this unprecedented act of terrorism, I lost friends I had known for years and could hardly believe that my friends of yesterday would be no more. Even at an early age, ten years ago, I realized that acts of terrorism can be destructive. They destroy lives, messes up communities, infers fear in peoples’ lives and hampers their self-determination to live their lives as they would want to. Though I had always wanted to join Princeton University, I was not sure of what I really wanted to study. After that fateful day, and the consequent debates that took center stage at the international plane, I decided I would study political science and international diplomacy to understand who really are actors in international politics, as well as how rational these actors are as they play their duties and obligations within the international system. From then on, I have taken interests in matters of international relations between and among states and other non- state actors, such as Al-Qaida, Taliban, and multi-nationals with the aim of trying to understand how we can peacefully meet all these demands without precipitation to violence. I have read widely on the zero-sum game, that is international politics, from Hans J. Morgenthau to Henry Kissinger and Jeremy Bentham. I want to participate in the noble course of informed peacemaking. In this era, where seeking peace through ‘just war’ has become an expensive undertaking for world governments, and threats to humankind, where I concur with the United Nations charter that (threat force) should the last resort when diplomacy fails. At Princeton University, I seek to advance my knowledge of the art of diplomacy so that I can actively participate in the world of diplomacy from an informed point of view. Though I know the notion of security to a state is very sensitive, I want to join in the voices of many who seek a peaceful world where all our differences can be pacified peacefully without unilaterally descending on our fellow human beings with whom we differ with all forms of weapons that we have made to make our lives safer and easier. I know this is the very reason we have institutions like Princeton University, to help human beings better their lives and make life safer for us all. It is my great desire to enroll in this course at Princeton University.

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