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American Literature Writing Help:

 Not only in book reviews or book reports writing that you may encounter literature. American literature is written, or literal work done in the United states of American and its environs, which includes poetry and theater. At Custom writing bay, we adopt and provide original poetry and theater essays.  Notably, American literature started in early 1630s in the city of Boston. The literature was not only in English but in Spanish and French with one of the first Authors being Captain John Smith followed by John Winthrop. This was in the colonial era and their work focused mainly on politics and religion respectively. There was also the famous Ann Bradstreet who was known for her personal poems, and Pastor Edward Taylor who wrote religious poems. The American literature is unique and different from the English literature, it is known to be humorous and open minded. So in writing a literature term paper, essay or dissertation paper on American literature, its imperative to show its richness, source, uniqueness, and most of all, let its audience or reader get to understand its cultural background. Let your language rhyme with the decorated literature language.

Antique Literature Essays writing Help

Antique literature essays also known as ancient literature essays focuses on the basic innovation of literature and its first innovators. To write a custom literature paper or a descriptive essay on ancient literature, you need to understand some basics. First, the Late Antique time is the time between the era of classical antiquity to the era of middle age. So William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens fall in this category since their work is of the earlier times and to this age they are still adored for it. During late antiquity, the Roman art and literature was served as a monumental passage from classical idealized realism innovated by the Greeks to the more iconic stylized literature of the middle age. It is known for its declining use of the ancient Greek and Latin to the rise of literary culture of the Syriac, Ameniac, Arabic, Coptic, vulgar Latin and finally to Romance Dialects . In this stage they preferred encyclopedia work in a deep and illusive style often dressed up in elaborate allegorical garb to the previous style and language. Some of the work of the Greek and the Latin being De Nuptiis Mercurii et Philologiae “The Marriage of mercury and philology” by Martianas Capella and De Arithmetica, De Musica “The Arithmetic, The music”  among  many more. The Greek and the Latin also had poets of the time e.g Antoninas Liberaris, Romanus the Melodist, Claodian and Arator and many more.The result of this study or research highlights the richness and sophistication in literature without neglecting material cultures and practices of the time. This work will stimulate further interest in the subject making it fun to write a custom essay and/or make a high quality research paper, dissertation paper or realize an exceptional term paper on this subject.

Asian Literature Writing Service: 

It’s common to find scholars research on the Asian Literature. The Asian communities comprises of the east, west, central and south Asian people. The East is habituated by the Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Philippines, the southerners are the Bengali, Indian, Pakistani, and the Tamil and finally the west, where we have the Arabic, Turkish and Persian, Soviet Socialist Republic, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. However, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan are sometimes included. The Asians have brought about famous poets and musicians through the ages such as poet Li Bai . The music of central Asia is rich, varied and widely appreciated all over the world. At Custom Writing Bay, you can be rest assured that our professional essay writers will research every single detail of the Asian literature and give you a credible research paper on Asian Literature. Instruct us to write you a dissertation paper, or essay on Asian Literature and you won’t be disappointed.