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Gel Electrophoresis Report Writing Help Website

Coursework assignments help, At custom writing bay, we can help you with gel filtration lab report writing among other laboratory reports writing. Electrophoresis is the separation of biological molecules by their molecular weights through a gel matrix.  The rate of movement of a protein per unit of field strength is known as the electrophoretic mobility. Gel filtration lab report writing help writers at Custom Writing Bay are aware that all DNA is negatively charged and when an electric current is applied, DNA migrates through the gel to the positive electrode. Large pieces of DNA move slowly whereas smaller pieces move quickly. In offering gel filtration lab report writing help, our writers understand that for ease of visualization of the DNA strands, the DNA is commonly stained by use of ethidium bromide. Our gel filtration lab report writing help entails the use of ethidium bromide as it is a positively charged molecule that usually binds to DNA in an intercalating manner. Thereafter, the Agarose gel is cast and placed in a horizontal electrophoresis chamber filled with buffer and a power supply is connected via the electrodes to the electrophoresis unit. Then an electrical current moves through the buffer and the gel.


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Gel Filtration Lab Report HelpGel electrophoresis lab report writing help writers at Custom writing bay experience in the gel electrophoresis understand that  DNA molecules are visualized as dark bands in an Agarose matrix using gel electrophoresis. Our gel filtration lab report writing help service is well versed in the interpretation of a gel picture and the meanings of the bands visualized as well as the usefulness of the positive and the negative controls. At Custom Writing Bay, we always ensure that the laboratory report format is well represented. The introduction part, the hypothesis to be investigated, the materials and procedures, the results, discussion of the results and the conclusion that shows if the experiment set up supported the hypothesis under study or not. In offering gel electrophoresis lab report writing help, our writers are aware that gel electrophoresis can provide information about the molecular weights as well as the charge of proteins, the sub-unit structures of proteins and the purity of a given protein preparation and that  the reasons why gel electrophoresis is  popular is that it is relatively simple and is highly reproducible. In our gel filtration lab report writing help, our writers have identified the isolation of DNA via gel electrophoresis as one of the basic procedures in molecular biology studies.

Introduction to Electrophoresis

Role of the experiment

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To understand the electrophoretic theory and the procedures involved in SDS-PAGE experiment used to separate proteins based on their molecular weight.


Electrophoresis involves the separation of charged molecules in an electric field. The criteria for separation include molecular size and electric charge. Cellulose is used as a support media for separation of the low molecular weight compounds such as amino acids whereas, in the case of the high molecular weight compounds, agarose and polyacrylamide gels are used.


The protein samples were freeze-dried before addition of the sample buffer so that appropriate concentrations of all components are maintained. Thereafter, the gel was run in a vertical orientation between buffer reservoirs at the negative and positive electrodes. The buffers are separated by insulating materials such that the current will be carried entirely by electrolytes through the gel. Isoelectric focusing is then combined with molecular weight separation by SDS-PAGE. Isoelectric focusing is carried out first where the entire strip was treated for efficient transfer into the SDS-PAGE. Equilibrating involved the use of 6M Urea,40Mm tris,1 %( w/v) SDS and 30% (v/v) glycerol. After equilibration, the isoelectric focusing gel was transferred to the top of an SDS-PAGE gel, which is subsequently capped with molten agarose in the 0.5 %( w/v) range. After the separation was complete, the apparatus was disassembled and the gel taken for staining to detect the proteins. The proteins are detected by staining with reagents that bind to protein analytes.


“The SDS (sodium dodecyl sulfate) is a critical component of this system because it not only denatures and solubilizes majority of the proteins but it also binds to the protein-producing a high negative charge that creates the mobility.”Kinter and Sherman (2002)

Learning Outcome

In gel electrophoresis, the amount of protein is estimated by the amount of staining of the gel band. Addition of the SDS-PAGE gel facilitates separation of biological molecules through electric charge and comparison with a known molecule (control) enables identification of the molecules themselves.

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